The live sporting event landscape is ever changing as the modern fan continues to demand a better experience. Technology, convenience, budget, and an abundance of choices have many sports fans evaluating whether to watch a game live or on television; notwithstanding many factors that are unrelated to the team performance and matchup. This shift in fan perspective has led to a number of trends in the industry that include the following:

Street-to-Seat Experience: The path from one’s couch to the kitchen, bathroom, and other home amenities is convenient. This has many teams evaluating the fan journey from their neighborhood street to their venue seats. Often, this path is filled with obstacles such as traffic, confusion, expenses, and sometimes inclement weather. With this in mind, teams are looking to remove and alleviate many of these obstacles while continuing to create new and desired experiences along the way.

Three Screen Effect: A proliferation of live sports on television combined with social media commentary, digital content, score updates, applications, and fantasy sports have modern fans seeking more screens (TV, mobile device, personal computer, etc.) to facilitate their gameday experience(s). Teams are embracing this new viewing style with more screens inside and outside the venue through added infrastructure and technology.

Social Zones: Millennials are making up a greater and greater percentage of fan bases across all of the sports industries. These fans are looking for an increase in social areas within venues, these areas often mimic the experiences they obtain at bars and restaurants while still having access/views of the live event. Call it the best of both worlds. à

Premium Seating: Premium fans have always had the attention of sports and entertainment venues because of their disproportionate share of the revenue mix. However, the premium seating landscape is changing as more premium customers are looking to integrate into the stadium experience and seeking flexible premium seating packages.

Client Highlights

Southern Methodist University

Under a multi-year contract, BPS provides a unique high-end pre-game tailgating experience at every Mustang home game for fans, partners, and sponsors.


BPS brought in-stadium, on-field hospitality suites which created an unmatched gameday experience and novel sponsorship asset at the Heart of Dallas college football game.

Circuit of the Americas

As a vendor for the track, BPS created a branded paddock lounge club area to promote the race sponsors at MotoGP 2016, a high-end racing event.