Frequently Asked Questions

Different configurations of the staircase and hinged doors allow for flexible spacing allotments – the footprint is roughly one car parking space. Our team works with each venue to provide a detailed site map to create the most efficient layout for the client and end-users.
Our team will lead the co-design of the area, branding, and activation elements from the beginning. In order to best execute the vision of our partners, we provide turnkey marketing with an in-house creative team for sales support, turnkey operations with our highly trained team members so our clients save resources, and consulting services to set up the engagement for success and continuous improvement based on best practices.
The suites are designed to stand-alone, off-the-grid ready, and are fully equipped with everything needed for high-end hospitality and fan engagement. This includes everything from a compete audio-visual experience, a rooftop viewing deck, high-end indoor/outdoor furniture, an on-site BPS attendant, and climate control elements along with plenty of customization options.
The footprint of the inside area, shaded area, and rooftop will accommodate up to 50 people for an exclusive experience (20 people maximum on the roof at a time). Each suite includes seating and table tops that allow everyone to uniquely interact with each other. When set up in a village club format, the suites can accommodate more guests given the space between the suites.
The suites create a platform designed to be used in creative ways and can be outfitted with a variety of branding packages we offer. We have helped our partners activate at a variety of venues and can provide best-practice advice throughout the process.
Each suite comes equipped with a quiet generator; however, it can easily run off of venue power through an easy-to-access standard power plug located on the side of the unit.
Yes. Our logistics team will ensure that the suites are deployed in the best placement through custom site-map planning while simultaneously making any necessary adjustments to accommodate the particular event.
We provide satellite programming (DISH) with access to 2 channels simultaneously (1 on each TV). The surround sound will play the feed from the main channel or overlay music via ipod cable or Bluetooth. Additional inputs – the suite can connect to venue closed feed, play DVDs, display images, loop videos, or hook up laptops via HDMI.